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Tap & Be Free of Ladson, SC
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Prenatal Massage...

is, of course, massage during pregnancy. Expectant mothers experience rapid physical and hormonal changes, leading to various aches and pains, headaches, lower back pain, increased stress, swelling, and many other discomforts. Massage can ease these pains, as well as increase body awareness important during labor. Because stress is thought to be the number one factor in premature labor, massage can be a valuable tool in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Research has shown that regular massage during pregnancy can reduce the risk of premature labor, reduce labor time, labor pain, time in the hospital, complications, and postpartum depression. Massage is perfectly safe during a healthy pregnancy. Rachel Hazelwood is trained in prenatal massage and additionally certified as a prenatal specialist.

Q: "Do you have a pregnancy table?"

A: Your comfort in massage is my priority.  While some massage studios use tables with cut-outs for the belly and breasts so that you can lie flat, I do not recommend it.  This position can cause strain on your lower back, aggravating any pain issues.  I use plenty of pillows and a lift table to make sure that you are comfortable enough to fall asleep.  Lying on your side also allows me to massage your back.  Many women comment, "This is so comfortable!"


Healing Hands Tap & Be FreePrenatal Massage
Rachel has been certified in prenatal massage since 2009 and is experienced in relieving the 
discomforts of pregnancy, such as back pain, shoulder pain, stress, and swelling.  Safe during healthy pregnancies in the second and third trimesters, massage during pregnancy shortens labor time, shortens hospital stays, reduces complications, and decreases postpartum depression.  If you are within two weeks of your due date, acupressure points may help bring on labor.

  • 60 Min Session - $80
  • 75 Min Session - $95
  • 30 Min Acupressure (Labor Stimulation) - $50
  • 60 Min Acupressure (Labor Stimulation) + EFT - $115
  • (3) 60 Min Sessions - $230
  • (3) 75 Min Sessions - $265


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