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Rachel Hazelwood in the Media



Blog: Thriving with Emotional Freedom
     Rachel's personal journey, also with EFT insights.

Tapping Chart: Simple instructions on EFT to get you started.

Audio: Sleep EFT
     A meditation to listen to at bedtime to help you get better sleep



“Self EFT Creative Solutions: When You Don't Know What to Say”   1/28/2014   EFT Universe
Some ideas on how to tap when you don't have the right words or don't know where to start.

“Words and Faith in Cancer Diagnosis”  9/13/2013   The Post and Courier, Charleston SC
Our words and thoughts affect emotions and outcomes.  A highly recommended read for those going through a crisis.

“Reiki to Survive: My Journey through Cancer”   Fall 2013   Reiki Magazine
An intense and spiritual Reiki experience after cancer surgery.

“EFT Tapping for a Huge Panic Attack with Silent EFT”   8/1/2013   EFT Universe
How Rachel used silent gratitude tapping to get through a panic attack caused by a nightmarish MRI in the early morning after brain surgery.

Radio Show:

Interview on Sacred Expressions Radio Show 1/27/2014
An interview in which Rachel discusses her brain tumor experience and the healing methods used to heal the trauma and perhaps the cancer itself.