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Massage & Bodywork Services

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Massage relaxes the body and the mind, helping you to release stress and move into your optimal health.  It reduces physical pain and promotes emotional release.  All massages include aromatherapy, unless otherwise requested.

"You were the saving grace for my shoulder, as it was giving the doctors and PT crew fits." -- R.B.


Healing Hands Tap & Be FreeRelaxation Massage/Light Touch Massage
Rachel specializes in a comforting, nurturing massage to induce deep relaxation, boost the immune system, and promote inner healing.  (I can provide referrals if you require deep tissue work)  With Swedish strokes, cranio-sacral holds, gentle acupressure, and neuromuscular work in areas of need, this massage will help you feel refreshed, calm, and pain free.

Healing Hands Tap & Be FreeReiki Touch Massage
This incredibly relaxing service combines massage with the healing benefits of Reiki for those who want to experience Reiki but also want some "hands-on" time. This session helps to balance your body's chakras and remove stagnant energy and toxins.

Healing Hands Tap & Be FreeHeadache Tamer
Relieves the causes of most headaches: muscular tension and stress. Enjoy a soothing massage of your neck, upper shoulders, face, and scalp. Includes essential oils of peppermint and/or lavender, known for relieving headaches. 

Healing Hands Tap & Be FreeWarm Cocoa Butter Massage
Enhance your massage experience with warm cocoa butter!  Heated cocoa butter blends into your massage oil and leaves your skin baby soft and moisturized.  The mood elevating aroma increases your relaxation.  Soothing hot towels gently smooth away excess oil.
Add-on to any massage service - $15


Add Ons:


Specialty Massages: 

Healing Hands Tap & Be FreeFertility Massage
Rachel has been certified in fertility massage since 2008.  This service is for women wishing to conceive.  This gentle massage helps cleanse the body to prepare for conception.  Fertility massage includes deep pelvic friction over top of the sheet to break up adhesions and scar tissue and to increase blood flow. Cranio-sacral and reflexology restore the body's natural rhythms and help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy.  

Healing Hands Tap & Be FreePrenatal Massage
Rachel has been certified in prenatal massage since 2009 and is experienced in relieving the 
discomforts of pregnancy, such as back pain, shoulder pain, stress, and swelling.  Safe during healthy pregnancies in the second and third trimesters, massage during pregnancy shortens labor time, shortens hospital stays, reduces complications, and decreases postpartum depression.  If you are within two weeks of your due date, acupressure points may help bring on labor.


Related Services:

Healing Hands Tap & Be FreeReiki
Reiki means "universal life force energy" or "God energy" and is a holistic therapy for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Reiki balances your body's energy by way of your chakra system so that it can better heal itself. For more details, visit Reiki on this site. Sessions include, if desired, a discussion about your individual energy body.


Healing Hands Tap & Be FreeDistance Reiki
Experience Reiki from the comfort of your own home or office.  We will set up a time, and while you relax, I will send your Reiki Session.  Reiki Distance Healing is just as effective in natural healing as in-person.  When finished, I will call you if desired for a chakra consultation.


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