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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - Charleston, SC

EFT is a Revolutionary Tool for Healing

"Tapping had such a powerful impact on my grief process and I can't thank you enough!" - L.F.

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EFT uses tapping on the same powerful points as used in Ancient Chinese Medicine to heal your energy system, thus healing physical and emotional issues.  Your body is amazing and already has the ability to heal itself.  EFT provides support to allow your body to heal itself, both physically and emotionally. 

Calming to the central nervous system, EFT takes you out of the "fight or flight" stress response and into "rest and digest".  Because EFT heals on the level of cause, and not just of symptoms, its effects are usually permanent.

What makes EFT unique is that the basics can be easily learned by anyone and applied at home between sessions.  Even children can learn this simple but profound method.  EFT is a great tool for those who have not had results with psychotherapy, as well as for in conjunction with psychotherapy.

While learning EFT is simple, mastering it is more of an art.  Working with a trained, objective practitioner can be very effective, especially when you do not know where to begin.


What can EFT help with?

EFT energy work heals the energy of the body behind dysfunctions such as:



In office, phone, & Skype sessions available.


How Does EFT Work?

In Eastern philosophy, the body contains hundreds, if not thousands, of lines of energy called meridians. Think of them as akin to blood vessels, used for the flow of energy rather than blood. When this flow is blocked by past trauma, it results in physical and/or emotional pain and illness. With EFT, we use a system of specific meridian points. Tapping on those points while focusing on specific images or phrases, the energy blockage is cleared.  Over the course of one or several sessions, our energy bodies heal, relieving physical and emotional pain.

Here is how a disruption occurs in our energy. 

We experience an unpleasant event, which causes something like a zap in our energy system, giving rise to unpleasant emotions such as anger, fear, or sadness.  Those emotions, if they are not processed, get trapped in our energy system. These events build on the previous trauma, and our responses become more and more out of proportion to what is happening.  We may have trouble expressing those emotions, or even recognizing where they come from, especially if we were taught as children to suppress them.  Road rage is such as example.  With what probably started as a number of small, frustrating events, the emotions build up until a person becomes extremely reactive and "snaps". 

Over a lifetime, our energy systems become cluttered with such things, shaping our behavior and our health in ways in which many of us are unaware.

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An Example

Even small events can have a profound impact on us as children.  Jane, an 8 year old girl, was called up by her teacher to the chalkboard to work out a simple math problem.  She got it wrong, and the other kids laughed at her. She may forget the original event, but her body and her energy system remember.  Every time she then goes up in front of class, those fears kick in without her control.  She finds herself making mistakes and getting more embarrassed. 

As an adult, Jane remains fearful of speaking in front of groups of any kind, and may have no idea where this fear comes from. EFT addresses the original trauma(s), and clears them from the body.  If a trauma is not remembered, EFT is remarkably effective at helping us access them, and these events just spring into our heads.  What often seems just silly to an adult mind was very important to a child.  It shapes behavior subconsciously.  After collapsing the intensity of this trauma or mini-traumas, the fear of public speaking simply disappears.  The body does not respond with fear any more, and Jane wonders how she could have been so afraid to begin with.

Major traumas, of course, can have profound impacts on many areas of our lives.  We may even think, "I've dealt with it", but if there is still emotional intensity when we think of it, then it is still disrupting our energy and our lives. 

Although being specific is most effective, traumatic experiences do not need to be re-lived for the energy disruption to be healed.  Gentle techniques can be used to resolve the energy of these traumas and assist with releasing related blockages. Tap and Be Free provides a nurturing, calming environment to help you feel safe and comfortable during your session. Phone sessions are also available and are highly effective.

Call Rachel to book an appointment! 843-442-6691

About Your Practitioner:

Rachel Hazelwood, B.S., Pro-EFT, LMT, RM/T is a wellness professional who helps clients live their best lives with energy healing.  Rachel has practiced EFT since 2006, having received level 2 training by top trainer and practitioner Alina Frank, and Level 3 and beyond by EFT Founding Master Lindsay Kenny.  Rachel is Certified in Pro-EFT, one of the highest certifications available, and is a member of AAMET. 

Rachel has hundreds of session hours with clients under her belt, with topics ranging from phobias and anxieties to alcoholism. She has undergone dozens of hours of her own healing with other top level practitioners and has worked with an extensive collection of training audios and DVDs. Rachel's gifts of deep intuition and being a natural empath make her sessions warm, nurturing, and safe.

Also a Reiki Master (2006) and gifted bodywork therapist (2006), Rachel has worked with hundreds of people to release pain, stress, and self sabotage. She has taught both Reiki and EFT, and is also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. She believes that each person is an amazing being full of potential, and she helps her clients realize their value.
Rachel is available in-person at her studio near Charleston, SC, and for phone or Skype sessions from anywhere around the world (as long as you speak English). Rachel specializes in energetic healing for anxiety, childhood trauma, adult children of alcoholics, cancer support, life fulfillment, and spiritual growth. Please call 843.442.6691 to schedule an appointment.


Disclaimer: EFT should not be used as a substitute for a doctor's care.  Rachel Hazelwood is not a mental health professional or physician, but is a licensed bodyworker and energy professional.  We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.