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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Packages


EFT can change your life,
especially if you commit to several sessions. 
All packages are at least 10% off regular pricing!

Package Specials:

Three 90 Min Sessions for $299
Three 60 Min Sessions for $220
Six 90 Min Sessions for $575

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Don't let these choices get you confused. They are merely suggestions as to what EFT can do. Give me a call at 843-442-6691 and we can discuss your goals. 


Move into Your Power Package
Transform your life in 6 weeks, with 6 weekly sessions. Commit six weeks to yourself for greater freedom in your life. Commit to yourself right now. What would you like to change in your life or yourself? Choose EFT to guide you into releasing what is no longer working, and to become inspired about what does.

(6) 90 Min Sessions

Highly Sensitive Person Package
Were you told you were “too sensitive” as a child? Being highly sensitive is a specific personality trait that about 20% of the population has. It's a trait that can really shine, yet in this loud, bright society, we are often faulted for it. Perhaps you have learned to play down or even ignore your sensitivity, packaging your feelings away until even you lost touch with them. Rediscover your amazing, true voice. I am here to “see” you. To find out if you are a “highly sensitive person,” click here, or read Elaine Aron's book "The Highly Sensitive Person." Stop hiding who you truly are and start shining.

(1) 60 Min Reiki Healing Session
(3) 90 Min EFT Sessions


Smoking Cessation Package
Have you tried to quit smoking and failed? Are you tired of failing? EFT can make it much easier. The physical addiction passes within days, but emotional addiction may last years. EFT can eliminate that emotional component, decrease your stress, and make it easier for you to develop new habits. EFT can also stop cravings in their tracks. Sound good? You betcha.

(2) 90 Min Sessions
(1) 60 Min Sessions


Remove Self Sabotage Package
Do you feel like you are sabotaging yourself from living the life that you want? Maybe you are perpetually late or miss good opportunities. Maybe you have writer's block or procrastination. Maybe your self-esteem isn't all it's cracked up to be, or you don't feel that you deserve what you want. Whatever the reason, we will eliminate it to allow your creativity and confidence to flow.

(3) 90 Min Sessions

Gently Get Over It Package
Do you know what's holding you back, but just don't know how to let go of it? Have friends or family told you to "just get over it" - but that only seems to make it worse? EFT can help you gently and creatively move through your past experience, releasing it, to be free of it forever. You do not need to relive traumatic memories in order to release them.

(3) 90 Min Sessions

Unlock your Creativity Package
Writer's block (or songwriter's block, painter's block, etc) can happen for many reasons, but it's often hard to just get through it on your own. Whatever is holding you back, EFT holds the key to open the door to your vast creativity. This package is great for unsticking the stuck musicians and writers, and anyone who holds a creative element in their lives that has been stifled, bruised, or buried.

(3) 60 Min Sessions