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Tap and Be Free with Pro EFT - Charleston, SC

*Serving Charleston, Summerville, Ladson, and Goose Creek SC in person, as well as the English-speaking world via phone and Skype.

Have you tried everything to heal yourself, but nothing seems to work?  Are you tired of running into your own self-sabotage?  If you've worked for years on yourself, and haven't gotten the results you want, EFT is for you.  If you want to improve your life more quickly than with conventional means, EFT is waiting.

With the power of your own mind and body, Certified EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Massage Therapist Rachel Hazelwood welcomes you to release stuck energy, pain, negative emotions, and self sabotage.  Awaken to your true potential.  If you're not yet living your best life, energy healing can help you find the way.  By reading this page, you agree to the disclaimer at the bottom.

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EFT can help with:

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Please call 843-442-6691 or e-mail


Empathic Coaching:

Heal the disconnection from yourself and let go of limiting beliefs. Then you will make better decisions that you were blocked from even seeing as options before.

My mission is to help people tap into the deeply healing gifts they have inside themselves. We are all special, unique individuals, worthy of great things, and it's time we recognize that. We deserve time and space to develop and honor our deepest gifts. We deserve to take care of ourselves first. When we take care of and are true to ourselves, we have so much more to give to the world.



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I mirror your feelings back with compassion so that you can take ownership and move forward. My favorite compliment I have ever received was: “Thank you. You have listened me into my own solution.” I believe most people already know what they need, but they may not be listening to themselves. What often stands in the way is a lack of validation. I validate your feelings, and EFT releases the blocks.

What is EFT?

EFT is a specialized tapping technique that is likened to psychological acupuncture. It is quick to learn the basics, which you can use yourself between sessions for great results. You may read much more about it here). It clears out traumas, limiting beliefs, and bad habits while increasing your self-awareness and personal power.

How many sessions will I need?

Energy methods of healing tend to work quickly and to be longer lasting than traditional methods such as therapy (therapy is a great tool, and I am happy to provide referrals when needed). Typically a client comes for a cluster of sessions (3-6) and then an occasional “tune-up” if a new issue arises.

How is Life Coaching different from Counseling?

Counseling focuses on diagnosing and treating psychiatric disorders. Life coaching is for essentially healthy individuals who wish to improve themselves. I work with those who desire deep inner healing and life purpose, or to change a particular emotional or behavioral pattern. Life coaching is not intended to treat or diagnose psychiatric conditions, because a life coach is not a therapist.

What are your specialties?

I love to work with people who have become aware that they are limiting themselves and are ready for a change. My clients are often highly intelligent and motivated to heal. They may be highly sensitive people with limiting beliefs they recognize as no longer needed, such as: “I'm not good enough” or “I have to work really hard to have any value.” These beliefs have kept them stuck, and they are ready to get unstuck. Many of my clients have also had difficult childhoods. I love to work with people who are going through a life change: a move, divorce, marriage, birth of a child, change of career, or some other issue that makes them feel out of balance. We find balance together in discovering a more solid core of self, leaving old baggage behind, and choosing a more fulfilling life.

Do you Do Chakra Balancing?

Yes, with a Reiki Healing session, I am able to help your body balance its chakras.  This leads to feeling more centered, relaxed, and energized.  Reiki heals on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  It works well alone or in combination with EFT.

How Does an EFT Session Work?

My sessions can be as intense or as gentle as you need. We will talk as in-depth as you like about what you are looking for, when the issue began, and what you would like your results to be. I will teach you the tapping techniques and lead you through them. We will spend a great deal of our time talking and tapping, as I "listen you into" the core of the problem and the root of your own solution. I usually end a session, with your permission, with Reiki energy healing to “smooth” out your energy and to clear negative energy that may have been released. In this way, you will not be left upset or drained, but should feel more clear and light.

How will I feel?

Energy releases come in the form of crying, yawning, or even laughing.  Usually clients feel good through the process, as if a weight they have been carrying for years is finally lifting. For intense issues like grief or abuse, we take it slowly.  The good feeling and shifts that you feel during your session are usually permanent, although it may take a number of sessions to get the full results you desire.  Occasionally (perhaps 5%) clients experience what is known to the holistic community as a mild detox reaction, such as may occur with massage or Reiki.

About Your Practitioner:

Rachel Hazelwood, B.S., Pro-EFT, LMT, RM/T is a wellness professional who helps clients live their best lives with energy healing.  Rachel has practiced EFT since 2006, having received level 2 training by top trainer and practitioner Alina Frank, and Level 3 and beyond by EFT Founding Master Lindsay Kenny.  Rachel is Certified in Pro-EFT, one of the highest certifications available, and is a member of AAMET. 

Rachel has hundreds of session hours with clients under her belt, with topics ranging from phobias and anxieties to alcoholism. She has undergone dozens of hours of her own healing with other top level practitioners and has worked with an extensive collection of training audios and DVDs. Rachel's gifts of deep intuition and being a natural empath make her sessions warm, nurturing, and safe.

Also a Reiki Master (2006) and gifted bodywork therapist (2006), Rachel has worked with hundreds of people to release pain, stress, and self sabotage. She teaches both Reiki and EFT, and is also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. She believes that each person is an amazing being full of potential, and she helps her clients realize their value.

Rachel is available in-person at her studio near Charleston, SC, and for phone or Skype sessions from anywhere around the world (as long as you speak English). Rachel specializes in grief, energetic healing for anxiety, childhood trauma, adult children of alcoholics, life fulfillment, and spiritual growth. Please call 843.442.6691 to schedule an appointment.

You already have the answers inside of you, and EFT helps access them. I act as a mirror, fully engaged with your conscious and subconscious selves, so that you can hear them too.


Please call 843-442-6691 to schedule your appointment.

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My Ideal Client ~ Does this sound like you?

My ideal client is someone who has realized that what they have been doing in their lives, professionally or personally, is no longer working for them. They are ready to make changes. They are into self actualization, law of attraction, and spirituality, and feel that their life has a purpose. They want to break free of the doldrums and start living that life purpose. They may have spent years doing what others or society expects of them, but that life no longer fits. They are sensitive, creative, intelligent, and self-aware. If this sounds like you, give me a call and we can discuss if EFT can help you in your process.

Why am I a good match for this client?

I have been there too.  I felt out of step most of my lfe, dabbling in different jobs but not finding the right one. I have been a musician, mortgage loan officer, transcriptionist, administrative assistant, among others. It wasn't until I broke free of what I thought society wanted from me that I started to find the true me.  

The path to true healing lies in being true to yourself. It really is that simple. Bad patterns often come from childhood and can be difficult to break on our own.  Prescription drugs or surgery are sometimes necessary during crises, but the most important part of health is discovering your own self and following what feels right for you.  We can change our lives to suit us.

In 2012, I underwent brain surgery.  This began a whole new chapter for me of weeding out the things that no longer worked in my life and adding in the things that did.  (For more about my story, visit my blog).  It is a continual and gradual transformation, for which I am grateful.  Tapping, Reiki, and spirituality have gotten me through this difficult time, and I am happier now than I ever was before.  I am eager to share these gifts.

The best you is already in there.  She may be overshadowed by outside voices. Together we will find that true self and help it break free.  Change can be scary. But living your entire life without being who you are is even scarier. What do you want your life to be like? Let's find out together.



      EFT is a health aid and is in no way to take the place of medical or psychiatric care. While practiced by thousands of people with no side effects, EFT is still considered experimental. You are encouraged to take complete responsibility for your own health and well-being.

      EFT is not intended to cure or treat any medical or psychiatric disorder. Always consult a qualified health provider regarding any medical or psychological condition. Rachel Hazelwood is a licensed bodyworker and energy practitioner and makes no claims to be a physician or mental health professional. Please make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health professional. Any text on these pages is informational and is not to be construed as medical advice or a promise of healing.

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